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SMIC Receives 'Hi-Tech Enterprise Achievement Award' for the Additional Time

Le 20 October 2015, 04:50 dans Humeurs 0

SMIC Receives 'Hi-Tech Enterprise Achievement Award' for the Additional Time

Semiconductor Manufacturing All-embracing Corporation ("SMIC") has been called afresh by Hong Kong Yazhou Zhoukan Limited in the fifth Mainland Enterprises Listed in Hong Kong Ranking Accolade and awarded the Hi-Tech Enterprise Achievement Accolade for its outstanding business operations and all-embracing performance. The Mainland Enterprises Listed in Hong Kong Ranking Accolade is mostly aimed at Mainland Enterprises that are listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (including state-owned enterprises, 'red chip' companies and clandestine enterprises). Yazhou's Limited analysis administration decides the rankings of these companies based on their audited data, business achievement and acceptance in the market. One of the requirements to weighing sensor accomplish it on the Hi-Tech Enterprise Achievement Accolade account is to accept acceptable profitability.

Although analysts apprehend all-embracing acquirement in the IC industry to decline, SMIC has managed to baffle that trend and accomplish acceptable growth. By the end of the additional division in 2015, SMIC managed to accomplish 13 after abode of profitability, while at the aforementioned time the accumulation margin, sales aggregate and added business indicators accomplished almanac highs, with over bisected of sales acquirement advancing from the China region. SMIC is a role archetypal for the industry in getting a huge antecedent of abutment for upstream and after businesses, exploring new means of collaboration, accumulation the industry and announcement the development of China's IC industry. At the aforementioned time our alive captivation in accommodating causes, ecology protection, amusing responsibility, bloom and assurance of conductivity sensors employees, as able-bodied as our interests in attention employees, customers, partners, environment, association and all-embracing investors that has helped us accomplish the Hi-Tech Enterprise Achievement Accolade in the Mainland Enterprises Listed in Hong Kong Ranking Award. "

We are actual appreciative to win this accolade again," said Dr. Tzu-Yin Chiu, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of SMIC. "This accolade affirms the achievements we accept fabricated to advance the company, and with the bit-by-bit acceleration in the company's performance, there is growing aplomb from investors in SMIC. In the future, we will abide our efforts in getting accustomed by all-around barter and photosensors stakeholders as a top quality, avant-garde and trusted foundry."

KEMET Introduces Engineering Center

Le 14 October 2015, 05:32 dans Humeurs 0

KEMET Introduces Engineering Center

KEMET Corporation unveils its new Engineering Center online apprenticeship resource, focused on accouterment applied answers to questions involving acquiescent apparatus in cyberbanking applications. Engineering Center appearance blog posts, a agenda of catalytic gas sensors chargeless abstruse seminars, basic accoutrement and a ability library authored by KEMET's acreage appliance experts."

KEMET has continued accustomed the charge for abridged educational agreeable for real-world acquiescent ambit designs," said Per Loof, KEMET Chief Executive Officer. "Our abstruse aggregation advised Engineering Center to infrared gas sensors enhance our position as the easy-to-design-in company, accretion our amount as a trusted supplier and partner."

With a 100% focus on electrical engineers of all levels, Engineering Center delivers accurate answers to the questions begin throughout a customer's architecture cycle. "Engineering Center fills in the gaps generally begin amid the abstract class accomplished in engineering schools and the raw abstruse abstracts provided on a abstracts sheets," said James Lewis, KEMET Abstruse Marketing Director. "Engineers crave this advice to accompany their projects from abstraction to industry sourcing achievement after traveling through the altercation of deciphering product-specific actual and applying it to their designs."


Le 16 September 2015, 04:21 dans Humeurs 0


Sensuron, introduces its RTS 125 and RTS 150 systems to bazaar afterwards spinning off from sister company, 4DSP. Now its own entity, Sensuron’s mission is to break problems on a all-around calibration and accredit industry accession by utilizing light-based technologies that ensure accessories in the aerospace, medical and activity fields is functional, reliable and safe. “Those at the engineering akin up to the C-suite are innovating to break business problems; however, they charge accurate technologies to acquiesce for that accession to become reality,” said Michael Heflin, CEO, Sensuron. “By advance in bunched FOS solutions, businesses can consolidate several disparate technologies into a individual belvedere to moisture sensors continuously test, ascendancy and adviser the bloom of systems to ensure success continued into the future. Sensuron’s FOS belvedere enables innovations that change industries.”

“We accept been accommodating with 4DSP, now Sensuron, to advance the next bearing of cilia optic analysis systems for the endure 10 years,” said Allen Parker, engineer, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center. “Based on the concerted and accommodating effort, we’ve been able to body an exponentially abate bunched arrangement compared to fluid level sensors what was ahead acclimated on the market, with aberrant accurateness that enhances testing, designing, measuring, monitoring, and operating applications beyond industries. Driven by NASA’s ultra-efficient algorithms, this bunched FOS arrangement represents a above advance in accelerated operational ecology and analysis technology.” Market Need Across aerospace, medical and activity fields, accessories abasement and the connected ecology of abstracts can be big-ticket to advance and cher to an organization’s operations. Defective accessories can affectation risks for civilians and consumers. For example, after accurate monitoring, ache during flight can advance to aeroplane structural heath issues. Additionally in barrage vehicles, aqueous akin in ammunition tanks may be college than bare abbreviation burden capacity.

In the activity field, unreported collisions with rigs can could cause abiding structural risks. Using absolute techniques for ecology equipment, engineers are disturbing to accumulate up with industry developments. About solutions that not alone break problems, but aswell advice engineers to access challenges with new thinking, will access aggressive advantages. For example, by application new technologies in minimally invasive and load cell orthopedic surgeries, developments in the medical acreage can pre-empt life-threatening issues, advance recovery, cut hospital in-patient times, risks and costs. The Solution: Ensuring Accessories is Functional, Reliable and Safe with Sensuron Sensuron’s bunched FOS technology uses ablaze to admeasurement miniscule changes in temperature, volume, liquids and accent over a array of apparent areas. In addition, the belvedere can accommodate 2D and 3D appearance sensing. By ecology the changes in a arrangement of hair-thin fibers, Sensuron’s band-aid can ensure the integrity, efficiency, area and abiding backbone of accessories beyond the ambitious aerospace, medical and activity industries. The cilia sensors reflect ablaze readings aback to a accouterments system, which converts optical abstracts into analog and again agenda signals. This provides users with real-time measurements. The FOS industry is growing with the all-around burning amount of cilia optic point sensors and connected broadcast cilia eyes sensor systems accepted to access to $2.2 billion by 2018, up from $1.8 billion in 2013. Beyond aerospace, medical and activity applications, Sensuron’s bunched FOS technology has the adeptness to: ? Access accessible safety: Sensuron’s technology monitors the structural bloom of aircrafts, buildings, nuclear equipment, dams, automobiles, trains, etc.

Save resources: Sensuron’s FOS solutions advance the adeptness of wind turbines ? Detect structural instabilities: Sensuron’s RTS125 and RTS150 systems adviser apparatus and structures aural tunnels, chemicals, or nuclear ability plants ? Enhance breakthroughs: Sensuron’s technology improves the attention of medical instruments and automated accoutrement so surgeons can accomplish in new and safer ways ? Advance accuracy: Sensuron’s bunched FOS systems absolutely admeasurement aqueous levels in vats of chemicals, cryogenic liquids, fuel, water, oil, etc. As added attestation to Sensuron’s technology access on the market, it was afresh accustomed as a 2015 R&D 100 Finalist for its plan with NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center.

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